Features & Benefits:

  • Route calls based on schedules or calling locations –  Schedule-based routing directs calls to another location based on any combination of time of day, day of the week or day of the year. Area code routing directs calls to different locations based on the caller’s area code.


  • Customized Courtesy Response – Play customized messages during scheduled times or when lines are busy or unanswered.


  • Savings for customers – A toll-free number makes it easier and more affordable for your customers to reach you.


  • New market expansion – Reach new markets and better serve remote customers with a toll-free number.


  • Customer support – Enhance product and technical support by giving your customers direct access to assistance with a toll-free number.


  • Help callers before you answer – Play a message that provides callers with information they need before you answer their calls.


  • Record prompts and manage emergencies – Use a set of pre-recorded prompts to guide callers. During an emergency or pre-planned event, the Emergency Routing feature ensures no calls are missed.


  • Identify callers – View the phone number of the person calling.  Also, identify the specific toll-free number the caller dialled — useful when multiple toll-free numbers are routed to the same number.

Our Services



Simple yet powerful multi-menu Interactive Voice Response information line that streamlines your customers’ inbound calls experience.

Call Centre Software

Call Centre Software

Give your customers access to your company almost anywhere.

Message Manager

Message Manager

Place multiple simultaneous outbound messages to customers, employees, suppliers, and whoever else needs your message by phone or email.

Toll-Free Voice and Fax Calls

Make it easy for customers to call or send a fax to you for free, from anywhere in Canada and the U.S.