Communications in the Cloud


Your no-hassle contact center
in the cloud

Helping you connect
with your customers


As a fully integrated communication platform, we provide all the tools your business needs to communicate and connect with customers.




Simple yet powerful multi-menu Interactive Voice Response information line that streamlines your customers’ inbound calls experience.

Call Centre Software

Call Centre Software

Give your customers access to your company almost anywhere.

Message Manager

Message Manager

Place multiple simultaneous outbound messages to customers, employees, suppliers, and whoever else needs your message by phone or email.

Toll-Free Voice and Fax Calls

Make it easy for customers to call or send a fax to you for free, from anywhere in Canada and the U.S.

About Us


At Voicenet, we specialize in creating connections. We know that your customers mean everything to you, and our products and software are designed with their needs in mind. We give you the tools to provide your customers with the best service – what you do with those tools is up to you.

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