Creating connections through

software and service

Since 1996, our Canadian team has provided specialized communication solutions to our diverse Canadian client base through secure Canadian data centres, allowing our clients to provide their customers the best service, while knowing their data is secure.

Our user-friendly, self-service communication solutions are backed by a seasoned team of experienced professional and technical staff, providing our clients the support they need from setup, implementation, and throughout ongoing management.


We offer our clients comprehensive application consulting, training, and support services, to empower them to use our powerful and flexible self-service customer service solutions.

Over the years we have added a wide range of communication solution services which include; speech recognition, voice biometrics, email, fax, SMS, web and call centre solutions.


Using these technologies to their fullest, we now provide both product development and costeffective solutions to small, medium and large organizations.

We know that your customers mean everything to you, and our products and software are designed with their needs in mind. We give you the tools to provide your customers with the best service – what you do with those tools is up to you.