Our Message Manager:

• Streamlines the message creation process to launch messages in seconds


• Uses geo-location and contact details to sort through and find the right audience


• Has 3 options for voice message: Text-to-Speech, message recorded via the telephone, uploaded recordings


• Allows broadcasts to be started via web or phone


• Shows real-time statistics for broadcast progress


• Offers full real-time report generation

Message Manager: Easy

• Contact list spreadsheet


• Option to load data through batch process to allow automated customer imports


• Phone and email

Message Manager: White Pages

• Clients pay for access to White Pages data for desired area (typically a municipality)


• Callout “list” is generated by making selections on a map


• Phone only

Message Manager: TouchPoint

• Maintain contacts in groups


• Callouts are sent to 1 or more groups


• Option to load data through batch process to allow automated customer imports


• Phone & email

Message Manager: eCNS

• Access to reverse 911 data for their area of responsibility


• Provided by Bell (East) and Telus (West). Access to data is strictly governed by CRTC rules.


• Alert the callout list of an officially-declared emergency based on their geographic location


• Phone only

Our Services



Simple yet powerful multi-menu Interactive Voice Response information line that streamlines your customers’ inbound calls experience.

Call Centre Software

Call Centre Software

Give your customers access to your company almost anywhere.

Message Manager

Message Manager

Place multiple simultaneous outbound messages to customers, employees, suppliers, and whoever else needs your message by phone or email.

Toll-Free Voice and Fax Calls

Make it easy for customers to call or send a fax to you for free, from anywhere in Canada and the U.S.