Interactive Voice Response

Create a greeting voice response to
welcome customers to your business.

Our interactive voice response information line allows you to record your own voice prompts and change them from any touch-tone telephone. Not sure what to say? Have us do it for you.


Our Interactive Voice Response Can:

• Let callers access and retrieve information


• Consist of several layers of menus and sub-menus


• Record and re-record information line voice prompts


• Allow the caller to press a key to speak with a customer service rep


• Allow callers to leave a recorded message


• Limit message length to a specific maximum


• Separate messages by language and/or topic

Our Services



Simple yet powerful multi-menu Interactive Voice Response information line that streamlines your customers’ inbound calls experience.

Call Centre Software

Call Centre Software

Give your customers access to your company almost anywhere.

Message Manager

Message Manager

Place multiple simultaneous outbound messages to customers, employees, suppliers, and whoever else needs your message by phone or email.

Toll-Free Voice and Fax Calls

Make it easy for customers to call or send a fax to you for free, from anywhere in Canada and the U.S.