Inbound Voice Calls and SMS

• Full call control from Agent Desktop web app


• Virtual queue with callback


• Pre-recorded message playback — agents can pre-record frequently used messages in their own voice and play them during calls to improve efficiency


• Calls and interactions are automatically distributed to agents based on skills


• Omnichannel capacity and overrides


• Priority routing — high priority contacts can have shorter (or no) wait times

Omnichannel Scenarios, IVR, and Workflow

• Define IVR scenarios using drag-and-drop visual editor


• Data access integrations are available as user-friendly scenario blocks with point-and-click configuration


• Set up scenarios to send emails and SMS messages for notifications, transcripts, and survey results


• Voice calls, chats, and workflows are driven by the same scenario mechanism with shared communication and integration blocks

Email Handling

• Messages in queue are prioritized


• Mark replied-to cases as a follow up


• Knowledge base helps maintain training levels and consistency of replies

Web Chat

• Tailor the pop up message to the page it’s on


• Response time timer


• Web notifications to remind customers about their chat sessions

Contact and Case Management

• All conversation channels with one customer within one week are recorded as one interaction for continuity


• Detailed communication history, including: time of last interaction, transcripts, and notes from agents who handled them

Reporting and Analytics

• Quickly check metrics on assigned queues and campaigns


• Customizable wall boards display real time stats for agents, teams, and supervisors


• Detailed reports include data from all interactions, regardless of channel


• Drag-and-drop elements to build reports


• Run reports by setting parameters in the moment or schedule periodic deliveries


• Compatible with 3rd party data


• Tableau, Amazon Quicksite, Zoho Reports, Google Data Studio, Zoomdata, and more

Outbound Voice

• Multiple dialling modes to let campaign operators tailor dialler for any list quantity


• Fine-tune lists by sorting and filtering to maximize output, work with multiple call centre operators, move records across campaigns, and prioritize leads


• Maximize answer probability with safe calling hours linked to postal codes


• Detect whether a person or an answering machine accepts the call


• Predictive permission-based dialling to reach the correct party every time

Our Services



Simple yet powerful multi-menu Interactive Voice Response information line that streamlines your customers’ inbound calls experience.

Call Centre Software

Call Centre Software

Give your customers access to your company almost anywhere.

Message Manager

Message Manager

Place multiple simultaneous outbound messages to customers, employees, suppliers, and whoever else needs your message by phone or email.

Toll-Free Voice and Fax Calls

Make it easy for customers to call or send a fax to you for free, from anywhere in Canada and the U.S.