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Sector specific Voicenet software based on custom Inbound/Outbound IVR and web applications:


Upcoming event notifications via email and phone.
Detailed questionnaire for alumni evaluating current/proposed services, programs, events, continuing education courses, volunteering, etc.
Tracking daily exercise for children using pedometer reading entries as well as daily reasons for non-use or reduced use.
Medical survey regarding IBS symptoms, etc. Incentive-based survey based on random mail outs. Participants received either a $5.00 or $20.00 gift certificate in the form of a money order, Department Store gift certificate or Coffee Shop gift certificate.
This IVR application allows students to check the status of their student loan applications and transfer to an agent. The web based portal allows the government administrators access to reports and it provides a degree of direct customization to the IVR system such as database availability, call transfer customization, modification of the business hours, it also provides audit information.


Event notifications and escalation using email and phone.


The Support Enforcement IVR application allows parents who are required by law to provide child support payments (or receive child support payments) to check their current account status - this would include current amount owing, last payment amount made, etc.
General Information on cheque issue dates or filling out their stub, available supplements, how to apply for assistance, contact information and obtain details on the next income assistance cheque. The web based portal allows the government administrators access to reports and it provides a degree of direct customization to the IVR system, it also provides audit information.


Evaluation of Long Term Care Insurance Policy and services.


This bilingual application allows contractors who do not have access to the internet to input their billable hours each week on a per-work order basis. All information is transmitted directly to the outsourcing company.
After speaking with a Technical Support Representative (TSR), the TSR calls the survey application, enters their TSR code, then transfers the caller into the survey application. The caller is then presented with a series of questions evaluating the TSR they just spoke with as well as the company's products/service in general. Callers are encouraged to leave recordings regarding their opinion of ways in which the company can improve their products/services. Callers can also leave their name/number if they have negative feedback regarding how their tech support call was handled. The IVR system automatically converts the voice files into WAV files which are automatically posted on an ftp site, and notifies the call center manager by email regarding any negative feedback calls so that the call center manager can return the customer's call within 24 hours. The IVR system also contacts the company's call center manger if a maximum number of surveys have been received each week, at which point the Call Centre will not transfer any additional callers to the survey system until the following week.
After receiving a visit from a telecom service technician, outbound calls are placed to customers within 24 hours of the visit in order to allow the customer to evaluate the service technician, the service provided and the company in general. Customers who provide a negative rating are asked if they would like to be contacted. If they say yes, then an email notification is sent to a customer call centre requesting a call-back. The email includes the customer's name, contact number, their survey responses, their overall rating as well as specific information about the service call (e.g. technician name, date/time of service visit, purpose of visit, etc.). There is a survey quota of 500 surveys per month. Once the survey quota has been reached, no additional outbound calls are made for the remainder of the month.
Customer satisfaction/opinion line on customer's cell phones and digital service. A group of customers are pre-selected to participate in this survey for a specific period of time (a couple months) where they are required to call into the survey once a week. In this way, they can see how the customer's rating changes over a period of time as well as receive input from callers as to any problems experienced with their cell phone or service. If a client does not call in each week, the system will place an outbound call to their cell phone number reminding they forgot to participate. The customer can then choose to participate now and complete the survey and indicate they will call later themselves.
Company will have a specific toll free number reserved for them to: Provide clients with a private voice mail box. Allow messages to be left for clients. Allow clients to access and retrieve their messages from anywhere. A web application allows for the Creation of a voicemail box (i.e. select a box number, assign a user name, a numeric password, plus automatically create the appropriate IVR messaging directories for that mailbox). Ability to deactivate a box. Ability to delete a box (so that it can be used again later) and all associated messages and directories and database entries.

For Reporting We log the date/time, DNIS, ANI and call duration of each call; we will capture the mailbox number selected, as well as whether the caller was picking up a message, or leaving a message. This information is available via user ID, password protected. FTP site, the data is updated hourly and the data is in comma-delimited ASCII format which allows for easy importing into reporting packages including Excel.


Multi-lingual. Winning numbers and prize structure breakdown for multiple lotteries for current and past draws, jackpot information, and other general information about lotteries. It also includes a web based audit and approval process.


  • Auto verification of visits via telephone with a real time data stream.
  • Read daily work schedules to employees directly from your schedule.
  • Electronic capture of client status on every visit.
  • Workplace safety initiatives. Capture when the staff arrive and depart. Even capture their next destination to monitor their safe arrival.
  • Timely on-line late arrival or missed shift notification for coordinators.
  • Escalation capable notification system (email, pager, fax and phone) built in for critical communications.
  • Improved and timely delivery of messages via telephone, email, pager or text messages to individual staff or optionally via broadcast.
  • Unlimited user-configurable and reportable information collection and tracking.
  • Track non-standard occurrences - short shifting, extended stays, fraudulent commute/travel entries and non-client phone call source.
Allow patients to evaluate the Hospital Call Center. After speaking with a hospital CSR, a patient is transferred into the survey by the CSR. Before transferring the patient, the CSR enters their CSR ID number and the Department ID that the caller was calling about. The patient then takes the evaluation survey. There is a set limit per month for the number of surveys per CSR and the number of surveys per Department. As soon as a survey quota is reached, an email notification is sent to the Call Centre Manager requesting that they stop transferring calls for a specific CSR or a specific Department for the remainder of the month.
Survey to collect symptom information from patients on a daily basis for use in clinical studies. If a participant provides negative feedback indicating severe depression, they are transferred to an agent and phone/email notifications are sent out to the appropriate medical personnel.
Registered participants are required to call into the system daily in order to see if they are scheduled for a random drug test on that day. If they are, they are given information on the drug test location and a unique code. The information is also faxed out to the Drug Testing Lab where they will have their test done.
Self-reporting tool for a regional cancer program.
Each participant is assigned a code identifying them as a patient, physician, colleague or co-worker as well as identifying which physician the evaluation is for. Each physician is evaluated by their patients, colleagues and co-workers. The physician also performs a self-evaluation.
Pharmacies provide the ability for clients to call their Pharmacy and if they want to renew a prescription(s) they are transferred to our IVR. They are asked to provide the prescription number, the client and the prescription is validated. Callers have the ability to renew multiple prescriptions in a single call and are also provided the option of delivery or pickup. Integration to the Pharmacy Practice Software is through web services.


Providing telephone, online and paper-based election services for political elections, shareholders, Board of Director elections, policy votes, etc. An election can consist of IVR, Web and/or paper-based voting. For paper-based voting, all ballots are scanned in and the results are automatically imported into a central database where the web and IVR election results also reside. Elections can be set up as first vote counts or last vote counts. Duplicate votes are not included in the final results. All voting submissions are tracked for audit purposes. Email notifications can be sent out to provide voters with login and website/phone number information as well as candidate bios, proxy/ballot information, etc. as PDF attachments. Email or outbound call reminders can also be sent out to voters who have not yet submitted a vote. Final results/reports include counts, percentages and weights for each candidate or policy, a list of proxy assignments, write-in candidate submissions and quorum counts/percentages. Final results can also include a listing of all voters, their weighting, their selections, proxy assignments, write-ins submitted, date/time of vote submission, and whether their vote is valid or not. Voters can also transfer to a Help Desk or leave voicemail messages if they require assistance.
Outbound calls are placed to potential voters to introduce them to a specific candidate running in their area and to allow them to participate in a survey and/or transfer directly to the candidate's office.

Real Estate

Outbound calls are placed to renters who have recently had maintenance work done on their apartment. Renters are able to provide feedback by participating in an evaluation of the service technician and the maintenance work done. If feedback is negative, renters have the option to be contacted by property management to discuss their concerns. An email notification is sent to property management requesting a call-back and providing details on the renter and their survey results.
Outbound reminder calls are placed to renters who have overdue rent. They are given information regarding the amount overdue and the required payment date.
Customer satisfaction survey.


Various customer, employee and product evaluation surveys for retailers including coffee shops, music centers, restaurants, clothing stores, book stores, etc.
An exit interview is done when an employee has handed in their resignation. This survey allows the company to collect information regarding the employee's reasons for leaving in order to help improve the company.
Job application survey that scores and ranks callers depending upon their responses to questions. Callers are weeded out based on the skill requirements of the job position.

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