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Communicate effectively with your target audience anytime, anywhere through Voicenet notification systems.

eCNSTM - a service that provides municipalities regions and other government authorities access to specific information within the 911 database in order to provide emergency public alerts via a telephone-based notification system.

Voicenet Interactive's highly customizable notification services enable clients to establish automated, fully interactive voice and text communications anytime, anywhere - saving lives, time and money!

A streamlined IVR Notification System geared towards emergency service notifications created and managed by a web application and sent out to a targeted, geographic-based area via TTS or a recorded message.

The system features detailed reporting capabilities on individual messages, including human answer count, machine answer count, busy signals, etc.

Why use Voicenet Notification Systems?

The automation of routine communications provides companies and organizations with an immediate return on investment by reducing low value conversations and lost-time interactions.

Voicenet notification systems free your service personnel to address high-value, high complexity concerns resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty at a lower cost.

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