IVR Systems

Voicenet delivers Interactive Voice Response (IVR): internet, email and fax survey, voting, data collection and messaging solutions.

Voicenet Interactive Inc has a long history of providing IVR Systems.

Historically we have operated as both a re-seller and a Service Bureau. This enabled us to provide the exact solution to our clients' problem.

IVR systems enable participants to conveniently respond using any touch-tone telephone.One advantage of an IVR application is immediate electronic data entry. IVR applications also allow for more immediate communication with respondents, if required, through fax-back capability. Participants can provide numeric input via the telephone keypad as well as verbal input by leaving a voice recording. IVR applications can be made multilingual by simply re-recording the voice prompts. Calls can also be transferred to Customer Service Representatives or other contacts for assistance. IVR application participants have access to the IVR 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Voicenet offers a simple yet highly effective IVR information line which utilizes Interactive Voice Response (IVR), email and the web. Much time and research has been spent on the development of an intuitive interface designed to transform the receipt, delivery and management of information into a much more streamlined process with real-time results.

Voicenet messaging solutions help you reduce your organization's communications costs.

Have you ever been faced with the daunting task of communicating with your target audience with limited time and/or resources? If so, Voicenet has a solution that can be rapidly implemented to not only increase your organizations communications productivity, but also decrease your overall operational costs.

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Voicenet self service solutions are backed by a seasoned team of experienced professional services and technical support staff. Voicenet offers comprehensive application consulting, training and support services, and is committed to delivering the most powerful and flexible self service solutions for customer service.

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