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Ensure great consumer satisfaction and higher productivity levels by considering the bigger customer engagement picture - from self-service to agent-assisted, from the contact center to the larger enterprise, on-premise to cloud. Once all those component pieces fall into place, so will higher profits, reduced operating costs and overall market success. Click on each section heading to learn more.

Customers think nothing of switching between channels when engaging with your organization - say, from web self-service to voice and back again to self-service - in order to get transactions completed to their satisfaction and on their terms. Maybe they then conduct a follow-up transaction and, based on what they are doing or where they are, they reach out via an entirely different channel - and want to pick up right where they left off with no need to re-enter information. Whether by phone, text, chat or social media, customers should always feel like they are talking to the same company, no matter who they talk to... or on what channel they use. That is multi-channel done right.

This omni-channel customer experience has become the new gold standard, as customers expect to receive service when, where, and how they want it. Virtually every aspect of our lives - the way we work, shop, communicate, seek information, spend our free time, etc. - is evolving and becoming omni-channel.

  • Serving the customer on any channel they desire
  • Maintaining consistency when switching between channels
  • Preserving context even when switching from self-service to live service
  • Reinforcing brand across all channel and conversations
Press 1 to schedule an appointment; Press 2 to change an existing appointment; Press 3 to... Its easy to make fun of such IVR menu choices, but the truth is, for certain types of interactions, it fits the bill. That said, todays consumers want more choices in how to engage with organizations, especially given always-evolving mobile technologies that are rapidly changing customer behaviors and preferences.

Speech and touchtone driven self-service phone portals are commonplace, but companies need to evolve their communications and support strategies to capitalize on the widespread adoption of text-based channels and smart mobile devices. Companies need to adopt technology that simplifies the adoption of SMS, mobile web, smartphone apps and social networks as customer service channels with a design once, deploy anywhere solution. Thats automated dialogues writ large.

  • Automate any portion of customer interactions, whether its voice, web, chat or IM self-service capabilities
  • Integrate text-to-speech and speech recognition to gather customer information and match it with back-office systems data to fulfill requests without involving a live agent
  • Seamlessly transfer customer information to agents - from your website, voice portal, online community or other self-service activity
Seamless transfer of customer information and self-service activity - from environments like the company website, IVR portal, mobile applications, an online community or other self-service activity points - to agents ensures a more rewarding, personalized and overall satisfying interaction. Be sure that when switching from self-service to live service, conversations continue uninterrupted, saving the customer time and effort - and from having to repeat themselves or worse yet, starting from scratch.
  • Ensure service continuity from any and all self-service activity points.
  • Make sure agents are as informed as they can be about the customer.
  • Reduce customer frustration from having to repeat information already provided
No one simply answers the phone these days. And we no longer have just call centers. What we do have are brand representatives who are at the center of the customer experience. Customers change channels based on where they are and what they are doing, choosing the channel that best fits the moment. They e-mail, text, Tweet, and (yes, they still do) call the contact center. And in each of these channels, they expect timely service and appreciate not having to repeat themselves. Even though customer expectations are high, you can deliver a differentiated customer experience that builds loyalty and drives revenue. Empower your agents with real-time preview and context prior to the interaction, ensuring their ability to deliver seamless and informed interactions in every channel and every touch point with a solution that brings all contacts together in a single platform.
  • Provide your customers with multiple ways to interact with you: voice, email, chat, IM, social, SMS
  • Route interactions dynamically based on skills whether initiated by you or the customer, regardless of channel
  • Connect with experts throughout the enterprise for easy collaboration
  • Utilize easy-to-implement processes designed to support an improved customer experience such as compliant proactive outreach, unified administration and reporting, and more
Multichannel inbound and outbound capabilities, including automated self-service, intelligent enterprise routing and proactive outreach are all necessary elements for ensuring customer engagements occur at the right time and place to ensure high-touch customer service, personalized sales campaigns and precision-targeted collections efforts.
  • Provide multichannel communication across self-service and live agent assistance
  • Enable two-way communication with customers that supports proactive care
  • Allocate agents across inbound/outbound contact channels according to your business needs
To make customers truly happy, you need to maximize agent engagement. That means being able to fully understand customer needs and continually tailor your service experience to fit - today and tomorrow. Workforce Optimization gathers intelligence from customer interactions across all channels and helps you to guide workforce planning, scheduling, management, recording, surveying, coaching, and continued learning. This assures you will have the right number of agents, with the right training, in the right places, at the right times to deliver remarkable customer experiences while improving contact center productivity.
  • Forecast, schedule and track your workforce even across multiple sites and with agents of various skills
  • Monitor and analyze interactions to create agent scorecards and to conduct customer surveys
  • Track and analyze the KPI data that reports on the agents performance and identifies opportunities for coaching and learning
Sometimes you need an industry expert to talk to. It would be even better if you could collaborate with a group of experts who combine innovative technology with insightful contact center and enterprise consulting - providing your corporate team with a clear roadmap for long term success. We all know that experience can make a difference when managing any company, including areas such as reviewing workflow and processes for greatest efficiency and maximizing the return on your technology investment.

Strategic consulting can deliver needed resources and expertise from professionals who not only understand how to optimize system performance but also understand the business challenges you are facing and how to overcome your obstacles to success.

  • Benefit from the deep expertise we have developed and take advantages of the lessons we have already learned
  • See how our collaborative approach produces predictable, consistent results
  • Learn how to be empowered through knowledge and on-going support
No customer in the world is going to be happy if you do not deliver what you promised when you said you would. So, it is a bit surprising that the back office is often overlooked as a source of improved customer experiences - in fact, 70 percent of the human resources required to deliver great customer experiences is found in the back office. In addition, given that 15 - 20 percent of a global companys labor costs are in the back office, you have some pretty compelling reasons to take a hard look at how processes can be automated and better orchestrated. As with the front office, work needs to be forecasted, scheduled, allocated to staff, managed, tracked, quality controlled and reported on. That is presenting a unified front.

The front and back offices are inextricably coupled in serving customers. An integrated suite of back office administrative solutions for improving productivity, reducing cost and better harmonizing with front office processes is a must in this omni-channel age.

  • Easily distribute work items based on desired task outcome and real-time resource availability
  • Forecast, schedule and track your back office workforce, incorporating backlog, resource demand/availability, service level targets and budget - even blend staff across back office and front office tasks
  • Create targeted KPI dashboards for management review and to trigger automated workflows specifically designed for coaching
Organizations today are challenged with delivering more service options along with a remarkable customer experience - not to mention battling increasing security threats and complying with government regulations. And, they must do this all while keeping costs down and profits soaring. Any solution you employ must keep customer data secure and your company in compliance with regulations that are growing in complexity and come from a growing number of sources. Outbound dialing compliance requires dealing with regulations that prohibit auto and predictive dialing and require maintenance of Do Not Call lists which vary by country. Smarter, compliant campaign management can take full advantage of calling opportunities to save time and resources.
  • Utilize advanced speech analytics for real-time action when recording for PCI and HIPAA compliance
  • Ensure compliance in real-time by reminding an agent on an active call to comply with compliance mandates prior to ending the call
  • Determine when a recording should be stopped or started around sensitive customer information or when compliance-required disclosures are missed, disallowing the call to be recorded
  • Implement proper security protocols for all customer sensitive data, mitigating associated risks that come with the failure to do so.
Are you overwhelmed with too much data or, worse yet, underwhelmed with too little data? The key is to collect the data you need and analyze it to make the best decisions for optimal business results.

Gathering the right data, at the right time, for the right impact is critical for understanding the dynamics, quality and outcomes of every interaction. Make every interaction a source for a new competitive advantage in an era where the contact center is the new center of the customer experience. Whether the data originates in the contact center or elsewhere in the enterprise, reporting and analytics can help your business in many areas, such as:

  • Identify best practices along with coaching and training opportunities. Understand how certain processes and bottlenecks can lead to poor interactions and compliance risk.
  • Reveal underlying trends, performance obstacles and predictive models across channels
  • Create dashboards and scorecards with KPIs at agent, team, site and global levels with easy drill-down, and permit rapid identification of deviations from KPI targets and established standards
  • Enable immediate action with alerts, screen pop agent guidance, supervisor intervention and automated coaching when utilizing real-time speech analytics
To provide the best customer experience possible, it is imperative for todays organizations to integrate key enterprise technology with the contact center if the business is to function seamlessly and achieve the highest benefit from all systems in the enterprise. It is the connectors to the enterprise infrastructure, data access and interfaces which unite the contact center infrastructure with foundational technologies and allow you to improve customer-facing business processes.
  • Benefit more from unified multi-channel interactions, effective people management, and technology expertise associated with operational environments such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, etc. if all systems interact efficiently with your contact center
  • Structure business processes that are accessible and integrated throughout the enterprise as well as secure for a more complete and satisfying customer experience
  • Create a reliable, flexible infrastructure that allows for innovative, revolutionary solutions which support an extra-ordinary customer experience

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